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Clearwater Bay Buyers’ market sentiment tends to be positive, No. 2 house in O Pui Village, has been recently sold , with a construction area of 2,100 sq ft, with rooftop of about 700 sq ft, with a floor area of $25 million. The average price is $11,905. The original owner purchased the property in April 2004 for $4.46 million. 05/04/2019
Sai Kung The market has ample purchasing power, and the buyers of the Sai Kung Village House, which is managed by the Estate enter, the recent sale of this property of the Sai Kung called Venice Villa, 2,100 sq ft, with a rooftop of 700 sq ft, was sold for $18.5 million, and the average price was about $8,810 .

The original owner purchased the above property in July 2013. At that time, the price was $17.8 million.

Sai Kung – Hing Keng Shek Village A recent transaction took place in Sai Kung Hing Keng Shek Village. The property was of a luxury modern design with large garden, private pool and gate! The landlord was asking $16 million! The buyer going through a different Agency was searching for such a property and finally found this beautiful duplex. They made a quick decision to put down deposit and secure the deal! The property is 1400 sq ft  with beautiful mountain views. 07/03/2019
Carribean Villa, Seung Sze Wan A beautiful house in Seung Sze Wan, called
Caribbean Villa, House 11 has been sold recently.
The property size is 2100 sq ft with large garden. The property includes beautiful modern renovations – open kitchen and large dining and siting area.  The property owner recently said it has been sold but has not disclosed the transaction price yet.
Pan Long Wan Village , Clear Water Bay Road A detached three storey house in Pan Long Wan Village in Clear Water Bay Road with a property size of 2,100 sq ft plus garden, sold for $21 million. The original owner purchased the property in January 2013. At that time, the price was $15.9 million. 11/03/2019
Tai Mong Tsai, Sai Kung The comprehensive development site in Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung, which is owned by New World Development (0017) and Oceanwide International (0129), has a site area of ​​about 637,900 sq ft. Recently application has been made to the Town Planning Board  to build a total of 771 units. 11/03/2019
O Pui Village , Clear Water Bay A whole block property was sold  in O Pui Village, Clear Water Bay, Sai Kung for $25 million. The village house transaction. The  average  price is $11,905. The original owner purchased the property in April 2004 for $4.46 million. 14/3/2019
Nam Wai Village, Sai Kung We recently recorded a transaction on the 1st and 2nd floor upper duplex of the No. 2 Nam Wai  Village, Sai Kung, with a living area of 1,400 sq ft and a roof area of 700 sq ft. The transaction price was $13 million .The construction area is priced at $9,286. 14/3/2019
Mount Pavilla , Clearwater Bay The latest rental agreement at Mount Pavilla was a low-rise Flat B with a saleable area of 1,599 sq ft. It was rented out with a monthly rent of $68,000. The owner purchased the site in June 2018, at a price of $29.48 million, and now enjoys a rental return of 2.8%. 14/3/2019

Property transaction information is supplied by Eastmount Properties Co Ltd.

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