Around 350 turned up for the Second Concert for the Animals in November 2018 organised by BUZZ

SAI KUNG BUZZ has a public relations arm called Buzz Promotions. If you want wider marketing for your product or service, email us at

Buzz Promotions demonstrated how effective it is with the second Concert for the Animals. At Tikitiki Bowling Bar on 30 November last year, it attracted close to 350 people. They liked the concept and turned up because of massive, imaginative, repeated promotion for weeks in advance.

If you would like this kind of public relations and marketing support contact us, and give a description of your product or service and your requirements. We will email a proposal for you with a quotation.

The first month of Buzz Promotions services will need to be paid in advance, because of our experience with clients who never pay.

Selection of clients whose public relations have been handled by principals behind Buzz Promotions

The people at Buzz Promotions have a considerable track record. They have provided public relations services under contract to British Airways, Porsche, Volvo, GE Medical Systems, Philips Medical Systems, HK Sanatorium Hospital, Barclays Bank, Royal Bank of Canada and many more. They have experience organising exhibitions, sports events, press conferences, corporate functions and product presentations. Buzz Promotions has the most experienced team active in our area.

We have three IT consultants, an art director, copy writers, a public relations professional and even a former university professor available to lend support and offer advice.

For more information email us at

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