Young calf knocked down and killed near Pak Tam Au

calf pak tam au
Photo: Sai Kung Cattle’s Angel

Last night a young calf was knocked down and killed by a car near Pak Tam Au. According to local residents they saw a green taxi driving away from the scene around 9:30 pm. Parts of a broken headlight from the taxi were found at the scene. Sadly it was too dark for them to make out the number plate of the vehicle, but it is hoped that CCTV footage from the Pak Tam Chung barrier may help identification as a taxi driver was spotted looking at the damage to his car by other drivers around that time.

Police are investigating the incident. According to the Hong Kong Road Traffic Ordinance, if a car knocks down horses, cattle, donkeys, sheep, pigs or goats, the driver must stop the vehicle and report to the police. Otherwise, it is an offence and a fine of HK$10,000 will be imposed upon conviction and imprisonment for up to 12 months.

Kaz O’Carrol from Sai Kung Buffalo Watch, “We have quite a few new calves at the moment, it is that time of year, with herds migrating around their habitats most often at dawn, dusk and overnight (cooler hours of the day). PLEASE PLEASE drive the speed limit on both Tai Mong Tsai road and Sai Sha Road. It is a 50km/hr zone, and while some of you may think that is ‘too slow’, it will save the lives of these guys if you don’t fly around blind corners or areas with poor line of sight. THINK AHEAD. DRIVE AWARE.

“And most importantly speak up, tell your public transport providers to slow down too. If you are on a public transport vehicle that is speeding, take a photo of the speedometer on the buses and report them. Date, time, location and use the 1823 app to report and post your photo of the speed. For Taxis, take a photo of the Taxi ID card and report the same information via the same app”.

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