ICAC charges candidate and supporters with falsifying address in Sai Kung Rural Representative Election


The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) today (10 May) charged a candidate for the 2019 Rural Representative Election (Resident Representative), accusing him of allegedly falsely reporting himself and the three nominees’ main residential addresses on the nomination form, and using the copy to certify two of them. The nominee falsely signed the nomination form.

Lau Mei Ying, aged 61, was charged with two counts of making a false statement in an election-related document in contravention of section 90(1)(a) of the Electoral Procedure (Village Representative Election) Regulation.  The use of false instruments also violates section 73 of the Crimes Ordinance.

The ICAC received a complaint of corruption earlier and the suspected crime was revealed after the investigation. The defendant will appear in the Kwun Tong Magistrates’ Courts next Tuesday (14 May).

The defendant was a representative of the Main Street (West) residents of the Sai Kung Rural Committee at the time of the incident. Main Street (West) is a certified village in Sai Kung Town.

Under the Rural Representative Election Ordinance, a candidate who is eligible to be nominated as a village representative must be a resident of the village and been a resident of the village for six years immediately before the nomination. Anyone wishing to be nominated as a candidate for a village must be nominated by at least five other voters who belong to the village.

The defendant has been released on bail by the ICAC until next Tuesday.

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