Dangerous traffic chaos at Hiram’s Highway intersection

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The new intersection on Hiram’s Highway        Photo: HK Police

Hiram’s Highway roadworks continue to cause traffic chaos. Yesterday the contractors opened a part of the new road leading from the intersection of the Highway and Clear Water Bay Road. Unfortunately it seems that whoever designed this intersection didn’t really know what they were doing. Traffic from Clear Water Bay Road now needs to filter into Hiram’s Highway at a very sharp angle with no clear sight lines. Many netizens have reported difficulties at the junction, with a number of close calls.

Comments include “total disaster”, “accident waiting to happen”, “you almost have to be able to swivel your head all the way around like an owl to see oncoming traffic.

BUZZ contacted Senior Inspector Jacky Chan from Sai Kung Police. He replied that Highways Department Road Management Office, and Traffic Police Kowloon East are both on the case.

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