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Citizens against speeding

speed sign

It seems that local residents are taking things into their own hands along Tai Mong Tsai Road. Whilst travelling along the road recently S&H saw a number of hand painted signs along the road showing the number 50. Assuming that there is not more than one house number 50 along that road, we assume that at least one citizen is doing what Highways  Department has refused to do for many years. And that is, even though a disturbing number of fatal accidents with feral cattle occur on a frequent basis, put up a some speed limit traffic signs. Whether they can been seen at night, when most of the speeding and accidents occur, is of course, another matter – but we applaud the initiative.

Yet another bakery in town

bakery 2

So Baking Papa finally did it – they closed. As S&H has mentioned (passim) over the past year, the shop and business has been “going out of business” for some time; well, they’ve gone. In their place is yet another bakery.  Called Culture Bakery, it seems to be doing quite well. Much of its stock seemed to have sold out early afternoon recently when S&H wandered past on the way to U-Select next door.

bakery 1

Which of course brings up the question everyone in Sai Kung is asking – when will their new shop open? Like Baking Papa’s extended demise, U-Select’s opening seems to be a moveable feast. Good luck to Culture Bakery by the way.

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