Why do we hate FEHD so much?

by Trevor Bailey

man yee square veggie
Old ladies selling vegetables in Man Yee Square have been targetted

Why do we hate the FEHD so? Let us count the ways. Sai Kung is ideal for alfresco drinking, dining and watching the passing parade, girls sashaying by and the kids racing around. Yet FEHD do everything they can to restrict outside seating at our restaurants. Burons love to spoil the fun.

Do they take on the big people, those with wealth and influence, the seafood restaurants, for example? Of course not. They target the little people.

Man Yee Square after being cleared of al-fresco dining by FEHD

An alert reader from Heng King Shek walking his dogs in town before 7:00 am says he has seen FEHD muscling little old ladies selling vegetables from local farms on the pavement. “It is so sad,” our reader said. “They are obviously poor and they are just trying to make a little money to feed themselves during the day. Then along come the uniforms. They’re all right, they’ve got their iron rice bowls.”

fehd old lady 1
FEHD officers confiscating fresh produce

BUZZ was talking to one of the Man Yee Square restauranteurs recently, commiserating with him over the hassles he cops from the FEHD. He has to bring in his outside seating because of their pressure. On weekends and public holidays this means he loses more than half of his business. And he has $90,000 in rent to pay as well as salaries before he can feed and house his family. “The uniforms of the FEHD wouldn’t have the first clue about how to run a business.” We agreed.

Bill Lake’s photos of FEHD harassment of local business Burger Deli

The most popular story ever run by BUZZ was a denunciation of FEHD targeting of little people. Our writer set off on a rant. Another alert reader had reported and sent photographs of about 20 uniforms harassing Burger Deli, one of the smallest restaurants in town. We asked if they were trying to close down the tiny six-seat business. And ranted: Are you proud of yourselves, FEHD? Then we pointed out the previous tenant of the same site had been taken to court by FEHD and fined before electing to give up on his ownership dream and go back to being an employee. We ranted: Are you proud of yourselves, FEHD? The story went on in this vein with the repeated rant. Hundreds of people shared it on social media, our biggest story ever. Even Legislative Councillors shared it.

So FEHD, are you proud that you are hated?

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