Police report burglary attempt at Heng King Shek that failed

heng king shek
Heng King Shek Road    Photo: Google

A case of attempted burglary yesterday at Heng King Shek has been reported by Senior Inspector Jacky Chan. A culprit tried to prise open metal window frames with a jemmy-like device (pictured) and failed. He fled empty handed.

The jemmy-like device and the damaged window       Photo: HK Police

Jacky warned residents about the wisdom of installing CCTV and asked people to report anything suspicious. The police are checking Heng King Shek CCTVs. A hill search has been carried out. The local operations boss provided the photos here.

As reported earlier, the number of burglaries notified in the Sai Kung – Clearwater Bay area has dropped markedly. Jacky said in January there were none and in February and March there was only one each month. The above case is the first for April.

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