Mango the Bull killed at Pak Tam Chung after being hit by car

Mango, RIP

A well-known and well-loved feral bull, named Mango by local residents, was killed by a car travelling along Tai Mong Tsai Road around 9:00 pm last night (8 April). A 48-year-old woman was driving a BMW near the car park at Pak Tam Chung when she hit the bull. The car was badly damaged and the driver injured. The bull was struck in the head and died quickly from his injuries.

Mango was navigating his regular territory. He was a bull many had loved, cared for and monitored over the years.

According to local activist groups this is just the latest in a string of accidents involving feral cattle in Sai Kung, many the result of over-speeding or drivers using the roads as private racetracks, especially at night.

mango car
The BMW involved in the accidents       Photo: Apple Daily/姜伟康

Since 2009, groups including Friends of Sai Kung, Sai Kung Buffalo Watch and Sai Kung Cattle Angel, as well as many individual Sai Kung residents have been petitioning multiple Government departments for speed reduction measures on Tai Mong Tsai and Sai Sha Roads. Carol Biddell from FSK said “It will take further loss of life before the Transport Department will listen to the community plea for action”.

Sai Kung’s just departed Divisional Commander, Daniel Tsang told Buzz directly before he left that he had recommended speed cameras for these roads because he believes they are an effective safety measure. But it was not up to him, but the Transport Department.

Two local residents who visited the scene soon after the accident told Apple Daily that the tragic death of cattle was very sad. The cattle frequently come and go and have a gentle disposition. One said that although the speed limit along the road was 50 kph there were many speeding cars, especially on weekday nights. He wished drivers would take more care.

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