Improvement Works at Leung Shuen Wan Pier and Kau Sai Village Pier

ksv pier mode croppedl
Artists rendition of the new Kau Sai Village Pier      Image: CEDD

Following on from the refurbishment of Sharp Island Pier, two more are about to be replaced, according to papers presented to an upcoming Sai Kung District Council meeting. The piers at Leung Shuen Wan and Kau Sai Village will be demolished in 2020 and reopened by 2023.

lsw pier model cropped
Artists rendition of the new Leung Shuen Wan Pier    Image: CEDD

The existing two piers are small in size and rather primitive; stable berthing of vessels cannot be guaranteed and  potential risks exist during boarding and alighting of passengers. There is also insufficient water depth at both piers, which also creates difficulty in berthing of vessels during low tide. There is only one primitive berthing space and a narrow access for both piers. As such, the piers cannot cope with current needs, especially during public holidays or festive times.

Subject to the results of funding application, the government expects to commence the detailed ground investigation works for improvement  and gazette the proposed works under Foreshore and Sea-bed (Reclamations) Ordinance (Cap 127) in 2020. They target  for commencement of the corresponding improvement works in stages in 2021 for completion in stages in 2023.

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