Heavy rainstorm causes many problems around Sai Kung

tsai wan camp
The scene at Wan Tsai South campsite   Photos: Online/HK01

The heavy rainstorm this afternoon caused a number of incidents around Sai Kung. At the Town Pier six people had to be rescued from their canoes by emergency services when their boats began to fill with water.

A man and a woman fell off a sailing yacht boat from Sai Kung near the Sai Wan Ho Ferry Pier at around 2:50 pm. They were rescued about an hour later by a passing vessel.

Around 3:00 pm at Tung Lung Chau a man and a woman fell overboard from a swimming raft,. They shouted for help and other people rushed to assist them. Police arrived at the scene and the two people were rescued and taken back to a safe location; they were not injured.

The high wind along with the heavy rain caused chaos at the Wan Tsai South campsite in the Country Park.  Many tents were blown down and campers had to take shelter in the pavilions. Many families were camping there over the long weekend holiday.  There were many online messages describing the scene as “a real refugee camp.” There was criticism of the Observatory for not giving correct forecast of the severity of the storm.

Some netizens were convinced that the Observatory had forecast that there would be mainly sunshine with some heavy showers, which they were prepared for – but not anything as severe as this storm which had winds up to 100 kph.

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