Four selfie-takers need rescuing at Po Pin Chau; three more rescued on Ma On Shan

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Po Chin Chau    Photo: AFCD

Two emergency rescues occurred around Sai Kung yesterday as tourists seem intent on adding to the selfie death toll. On Friday a Filipina fell to her death at a waterfall in Tai Po whilst taking a selfie. Yesterday another four people had to be rescued trying to do the same thing.

Four mainlanders had to be rescued from Po Pin Chau around 2:00 pm  after climbing down the cliff to take selfie photos, when they could not get back up and were trapped. This involved a  large number of search and rescue personnel with mountaineering tools and rescue equipment. Because of steep cliffs, the Government Flying Services also dispatched a helicopter so an abseiling crew member could rescue them around 7:00 pm.

emergancy 4
“Hand Hanging Rock” path in Ma On Shan      Photo: Online/

In another incident later in the evening, one man and two women had to be rescued when they became trapped on  Ma On Shan around 6:00 pm. They were trapped in one of the most difficult areas of the mountain – the “Hand hanging rock” trail at Tiu Shau Ngam. Firemen arrived at the scene about 8:00 pm with one person sent to hospital by ambulance for a check up.

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The trail is rocky at this point   Photo: Online/

Just two years ago a fireman lost his life during a rescue at the same spot.

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