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Fly-tipping in the Country Park


Residents of Hoi Ha woke up this morning to see a whole of household waste deposited in a heap at the main roundabout at the entrance to the village. Enquiries in the village have not turned up a culprit, and villagers are assuming that someone dumped it during the night, possibly from another village in the CP. If any reader recognises the waste then let BUZZ know. The authorities will be informed.

Bake shop – going, going, gone…?


Maybe the Baking Papa bake shop is finally closing…’s had notices up for some months – see our story from November last year. I wonder if they got their $250,000?

Cheap beer is back at U-Select – just in time for the 7s


S&H apologises for the delay on this story – but cheap booze ($48 for 5L) is back at U-Select just in time for the 7s…..yes, we already apologised. It was a busy weekend and things that should have been done didn’t get done – such as writing this story. Still, there are quite a few kegs left, so….enjoy.

Strictly for electronics nuts…..


Seems the “general merchandise”shop next to SF Express in Yi Chun Street has got it’s hands on lots of surplus electronics kits. S&H, who is fascinated by these sort of shops as you’ll never know what you’ll find – came across a GPS bike tracker, many different sorts of aircon/room thermostats, various electronic kits and some very expensive electronic sensors – and a lot else – all for between $10-40. Why bother to go all the way to Apliu Street if you only have to wander into town. Of course, there is one catch…most of the items are in unlabelled poly-bags….

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