Village residents should get together to install CCTV, top police officer says, as he reports arrest

CCTV installed in Sai Kung

A suspected burglar spotted in Uk Tau has been arrested, according to Senior Inspector Jacky Chan. He referred to a BUZZ story about an alert lady who called the police after seeing a suspicious stranger looking around her village.

Jacky said the suspect was caught because of a CCTV camera’s stored images. He said this is a prime example of the importance of residents installing CCTV to cover the perimeters of their villages. Five to 10 cameras should do it for most villages, he said.

The alertness and cooperation of residents appear to be reducing the crime rate in Sai Kung, the divisional commander said. The first quarter of 2019 is nearly over and there has been only one burglary. This compares with seven during the same period last year. “This is an unprecedented record which makes our officers even more committed to serving the community.”

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