Police crack down on illegal cross-border trawling, arresting eight mainlanders

fish boat 1
The suspected illegal trawler after being detained at the Marine Police Base.               Photo: 伍浦鋒/Ming Pao

Marine Police, Fisheries and Conservation Department and the Government Flying Service, jointly conducted operations against illegal fishing off Sai Kung on Wednesday evening (27 March). Eight mainland fishermen were arrested and their fishing boat has been impounded.

Deputy Commander Superintendent Marine Outer Waters District is quoted as saying that around  9:00 pm, Marine Police together with AFCD and the Government Flying Service, sent 10 ships and a helicopter, into the waters east of Sai Kung  where they found some vessels acting suspiciously. They observed and determined which vessels were  trawling illegally. Marine police  gave chase to one of the boats using a cut-off ship at around 10:30 pm when the vessels refused to stop. They successfully intercepted the fishing boat about three miles off the coast  near Tai Long Tsui.

fish boat 2
Photo: 伍浦鋒/Ming Pao

Police boarded the fishing vessel, searched it, and seized a large quantity of illegal trawl fishing gear and about 66 kg of fish, worth about HK$6700. During the operation, police arrested the eight men on board – mainland fishermen, – aged between 30-61 years of age They were charged with  suspicion of illegal entry, violation of the “Fisheries Protection Regulations”, using an appliance that has been banned and failing to comply with instructions to stop for inspection. The fishing boat was impounded at the police base in Ma Liu Shui for further investigation and the case referred to AFCD.

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