New Ho Chung bridge scheduled to open after delays

ho chung bridge
Artist’s impression of completed bridge

Part of the new bridge across the Ho Chung river on Hiram’s Highway is scheduled to open this morning. The diversion was planned for 28 February but was delayed for technical reasons. If the weather is bad then today’s opening may be postponed also, so look out for signs. Currently only Kowloon bound will be diverted; Sai Kung bound traffic will use the old bridge until early April, when that too will be diverted so the old bridge can be replaced with a new, wider span.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-07 at 11.14.14 AM
Traffic flowing over the new bridge this morning

There are two main changes for those using public transport. The existing bus bay on the Kowloon bound side and the traffic of Hiram’s Highway near Nam Pin Wai Roundabout will be diverted and scheduled to be relocated to the new bus bay of New Ho Chung Bridge (east side) – see the graphic below:

ho chung bridge diversion

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