Beach clean up at Hoi Ha

Some of the debris collected from the beach area

Around 30 villagers at Hoi Ha got together this morning to clean up one of the main beaches fronting the Marine Park. Although the beaches in the village are cleaned on a daily basis by AFCD they do not tackle the bigger problems. Since Super-typhoon Mangkhut last September some difficult to remove debris is still scattered around the beaches especially caught up in the beach forest, which is itself choked with dead wood from the storm. And many kayak owners still have not removed their damaged boats even though contacted to do so.

Some of the villagers taking part in the cleanup

One of the major problems is caused by sections of damaged kayaks, as well as ghost nets and other plastic items,  caught amongst the branches of the trees. The villagers hope that this will be the start of regular such clean-ups and other beaches in the village are targetted over the next few months.

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