Animals missing according to the police

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Hope was last seen in Tai Wai New Village on 25 January – see BUZZ story on 29 February

The police are taking animal welfare issues more seriously since Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s policy address last October. She announced a new Animal Watchers Scheme will be introduced by the police and that laws on cruelty to animals will be toughened up.

Now Senior Inspector Jacky Chan, Divisional Commander of Sai Kung, has released a report on the number of animal cases referred to the local police station in the past 12 months:

  • In April last year four dogs were reported missing from Tit Kim Hang village
  • In July a brown and yellow cat was said to be missing from an undisclosed location
  • In August a monkey was reported missing from Tso Wo Hong village
  • In September a brown puppy was said to have been lost from Dragonboat Restaurant on Man Nin St
  • In the same month a black cat went missing from the Mediterranean club house and in December the same club house reported a brown dog lost
  • In December a cat was said to have been lost from Wo Mei village
  • In January a brown dog went missing from Kei Ling Ha San Wai
  • In the same month a dog was lost at Sha Kok Mei.

The Senior Inspector said some wandering animals have been located by his officers, kept briefly in the station’s animal cages, then returned to their owners. He asked residents to ensure their pets have ID tags giving owner contact details. The report did not address the allegations of up to 25 cats missing from Ta Ku Ling as reported recently in BUZZ.

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