25 cats go missing in Ta Ku Ling in past ten months

One of the missing cats

Cat lovers living around the village of Ta Ku Ling are up in arms after 25 cats have disappeared without trace over the past ten months. Most of the cats were village strays that had been adopted as family pets. Even though notices have been posted around the area, and social media have taken up the cause, no news on any of the cats has been forthcoming.

The mystery goes even deeper as the village is in a relatively isolated area with no through traffic, pedestrian or vehicle. One of the villagers, Mrs Hui, has been looking for her cat called Rachel since 26 October 2018, according to posters around the village. Rachel was one of the stray cats adopted by the family. They are still stressed by the ordeal and look for signs of the cat every day. They believe she is still alive, although caged up somewhere with the other lost cats – whether for breeding or for food.

One of the posters concerning Rachel Photo: SkyPost

The cats started disappearing in the first half of 2018. By December 20 had gone missing. The others have gone missing since then. Some commenters on social media believe that the cats were caught by someone to eat during winter. They warn Sai Kung residents that even though people living in the area are rather friendly to stray animals, there are still bad guys around…… especially when there are still people who consider cats as food.

Others online think that stray dogs attacked the cats, or they were eaten by a wild boar or a snake. But other social media commenters say the possibility is very low, and no-one has found any bodies.

Mrs Hui says that Rachel always came when her name was called over the two years that she was living with the family. Even though she still calls out the name she gets no response.

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