What’s up with the 101M? Why the short runs?

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Just had another frustrating ride home on the 101M ending in being dumped short of the swimming pool terminus with the minibus doing a U-turn at the exit of the KMB bus terminus on Wai Man Road!

A not infrequent happening sadly.  Why do people put up with this?  It happens with only a few drivers and only when they have only one or two passengers left on the bus.

A young driver once circled the mini-roundabout at the town hall and was quite aggressive when a fellow passenger protested. Closing the door on them as they finally exited such was his eagerness to return (empty) to Hang Hau.

Today at 5:30 pm a more regular and elderly offender, who I can’t identify because he was not displaying his driver ID turned (but was driving vehicle LL9495), dumped me and skipped the line of six minibuses waiting at for passengers at the terminus.

Why do they do this?  Are drivers paid for the number of trips they can make in a shift?  Is that why they want to return quickly?  The registration numbers of departing terminus minibuses is recorded so why doesn’t the operating company check that drivers are recorded at each end of the route to stamp out this kind of problem.

Perhaps other readers could share their experiences.


Mark Taylor

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