Sai Kung community pulls together to raise more than $5,000 for Catherine’s Puppies

by catherine lumsden

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The school in Philippines receiving their batch of toys

In January one of our lovely adopters, Karen, donated a huge amount of brand new toys from toy manufactures Krafti Kids & Hog Wild. We desperately needed funds for our vets bill so the idea was we would sell the toys to help. The approximate value of the toys was well over US$2000.

I’d seen on Facebook (FB) that another local charity, D’Oli, ran by Dolly Perona Francisco (who does amazing work) was asking people for unwanted toys and clothing to send to orphanages and schools in the Philippines, so I had an idea…. Rather than selling the toys individually, I asked on Sai Kung Market Place, a local FB page, if 25 people would be willing to donate $200 each and reach $5000 to help with our bill and we’d send all the toys to the Philippines. Help two causes rather than one.

The response was mind blowing and we way exceeded the $5000 goal!! A huge help with the vets bill!!!

Dolly and I met at local pub, The Picture House, and put all the toys (so many we took up most of the outdoor space) into huge boxes and off they went. They arrived yesterday and just look at the result! The boxes were delivered to one school (three more will also receive toys today) and there were lots of tears from kids who have never had their own toy, certainly never a brand new one.

Sending the BIGGEST thanks to everyone who made this happen! The money we raised to clear our vets bill was a huge relief but seeing these photos this morning – well, I’m in tears smiling! We really made a difference folks! 💞

Karen Starky, Dolly Perona Francisco, everyone who donated…. You’re all wonderful! ❤️

To learn more about Catherine’s Puppies go to

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