Sai Kung campsites occupied by organised tour groups over Lunar New Year

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The Wan Tsai South campsite   Photo: Apple Daily

Following on from our recent story about mainland campers pitching their tents in Pak Tam Au and blocking entrance to the public toilets, Apple Daily are now reporting that both Wan Tsai West and Wan Tsai South campsites in the north of Sai Kung West Country Park, were overwhelmed with organised tours over the Lunar New Year holiday.

The public campsites are supposed to be available to anyone on a first come, first served basis. However the newspaper is reporting that just before the New Year someone erected up to 40 tents on the camp sites, all of a similar make and design, and then arranged for boats to bring the campers in from other parts of Hong Kong. The tents were laid out in neat rows and each had a number attached to it.

The newspaper reports that a travel agency is suspected of organising the camp  to make a profit. Apple Daily reporters took a boat to inspect the camp on Thursday after receiving complaints by the public.  They found nearly 40 tents set out in an orderly fashion with numbers and even the mainland city names where the groups originated from.  Most of the tents had large suitcases outside.

The reporters learned that a batch of mainland tourists, nearly 80 people, arrived in small batches by boat early Wednesday afternoon. After having had breakfast the next day, they then travelled by boat to the city for shopping.

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