Mainland campers pitch their tents on the path at Pak Tam Au blocking access to toilets

pak tam au tents
The tents blocking the footpath at Pak Tam Au             Photo: Facebook

The tight-knit camping community is in uproar on social media over a group of mainland tourists who set up their tents on the footpath directly outside the public toilets at Pak Tam Au, in the Country Park. The footpath is one of the main routes to reach the beaches and camp sites around Tai Long Wan.

Photos started appearing on the Chinese language Facebook sites on Wednesday evening, with users commenting on how difficult it was to get to the toilets and how hiking past the tents with large back-backs was nearly impossible.

pak tam au toliets
How the area looks normally                    Photo: Google

Even though many other hikers asked the group to leave they refused to do so. Eventually the police were called and the illegal campers were moved. Under the Country Park Ordinance it is illegal to camp anywhere that is not a designated camp site. Fines are up to $2000 and three months in prison.

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