Gentle capture of stray dogs

by Narelle Pamuk, Sai Kung Stray friends Foundation

The two friendly stray dogs

A trap and return (TNR) project is currently being carried out to capture a colony of dogs in the Tao Po area for medical check-up, de-sex and vaccinations, then to be returned. Our targets were a mother dog and her puppies, a pregnant female, and a young female on heat and other male dogs.

Last Thursday (21 February) we were successful in capturing the young female on heat, who  currently is in a shelter until she is able to be de-sexed and 3 beautiful small puppies.


Yesterday (26 February) our mission continued and five trap cages were set up in various positions and volunteers were assigned to watch each trap cage. The mother dog was seen, but ran off, and volunteers found two more small pups from her litter. Now we had a total of five puppies.

At another location, I sat on watch, and two extremely happy and friendly dogs came up to me, close to our trap cage. They were accompanied by a walking couple, so I thought the dogs belonged to them.  I kept shooing them away to avoid capture in our cage, and when the couple got into their car to drive away I asked “What about your dogs”  They said they were only walking and the dogs joined them on the road.  As I said very, very friendly and likable dogs.

Totally unrelated to our project, we put them gently into cages and they will be de-sexed and vaccinated this coming Monday.  It will be so unjust to return two magnificently natured dogs back to no home.  They are too friendly to survive against other packs of dogs.

We have only seven days before they need to leave our shelter due to overload. Please, please if anyone can at least foster them until we have time to find them a home or consider meeting them contact Narelle at Sai Kung Stray Friends. Phone:  9199 2340.

Email:  Kennel Facility:  No. 151 Tai Lam Wu, Sai Kung

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