EPD launches peach blossom tree recycling service


To encourage the reduction and recycling of yard waste, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) has called on members of the public and commercial and industrial (C&I) organisations to deliver peach blossom trees (PBTs) intended for disposal to designated collection points for recycling. The EPD’s contractor will process the collected PBTs and recycle them into useful materials such as mulch and compost to conserve resources and reduce waste.

An EPD spokesman reminded members of the public that this recycling service is limited to PBTs and they should remove all decorations, fai chun, tape, etc before delivering the PBTs to the collection points to facilitate the subsequent recycling processes. Festive decorations can be stored for reuse. For other small potted plants (such as kumquat trees), the public are advised to replant them to help reduce waste.

In Sai Kung the recycling point is Yi Chun Street Refuse Collection Point, Yi Chun Street, Sai Kung (opposite Sai Kung Market).

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