Animal welfare groups on top alert as scared dogs go missing owing to illegal firecrackers

A post from Gill Morton on Sai Kung-Lost Found Injured FB page

Many animal welfare groups in Sai Kung are reporting missing or lost animals – mainly dogs – on their social media pages, probably caused by the noise of firecrackers and other fireworks. The local police have also circulated a poster around town and on the internet pointing out that letting off such devices is against the law.

For example, Katherine Lumsden and Debbi Chow at Sai Kung-Lost Found Injured have been spending most of Lunar New Year trying to located dogs that have gone missing, or dogs that are lost – take a look at their social media pages; you may be able to help

Word on the street is that the police continuing to patrol suspect areas…..  Owners are strongly urged by all animal welfare groups to keep your pets indoors if your village is susceptible to fire cracker displays.

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