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Ally van de Pol

Local Sai Kung fitness and coaching trainer Ally van de Pol is the owner, head coach and holistic nutritionist at Dragon Fitness and Coaching. Established in Sai Kung, almost three years ago, the studio is lucky enough to have a 800 sq ft basement at Ally’s house which she uses as her gym.

“My husband wanted to use it as a games room/shooting range when we moved in, but I wanted to put it to better use!”

With gyms few and far between in the local area, and even fewer that take a complete holistic approach to their clients’ health, Ally feels like she’s filled a niche.

“My fitness clients range from the early-risers at my well-loved morning classes, to people who have never exercised, to performance athletes who want to improve their PBs and everyone in between. I love the diversity of my clients and knowing that I make a difference in their lives, whatever their goals are. Sometimes they achieve goals they didn’t know they had! I coach functional movements and help clients to improve their strength, mobility, endurance and body composition.”

Ally isn’t just a regular personal trainer. Every prospective client is offered a free 45 minute consultation to learn about their health history and their fitness and health goals before any training begins.

“I send every new client a personally devised health questionnaire which gives me great insight into their life. Each individual is not just someone who comes to the gym; they also need to sleep, eat, work, have family and social lives- all of which have an impact on their health goals. Sometimes clients come to me wanting to get fitter and leaner. I offer them solutions that go beyond ‘eat less calories and go for a run’”.


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The microbiome in your guts

The other cap that Ally wears which segues particularly well with fitness training is holistic nutrition. She offers nutrition and health coaching and regularly holds cooking workshops and talks, regularly writing blogs on health related subjects, posting to her website.

“I believe in the powers of a plant based lifestyle; to make people feel great, to optimise health and to reverse chronic health conditions. Western medicine is highly effective for acute infections and trauma, but struggles to cure chronic conditions which are largely brought on by our modern lifestyle. “

Ally is holding a community talk on Gut Health and The Microbiome at Nord Anglia International Preschool on Wednesday 6 March from 7:00 – 9:00 pm; it costs $50 and all proceeds to charity.

You can find out more, or reserve a place at, email:, WhatsApp 95550358 or visit

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