26 people affected with acute gastroenteritis at training centre in Pak Tam Chung

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Part of the Training Centre Photo: Google

26 people, staying at the Christian New Being Fellowship Training Centre in Pak Tam Chung,  were hospitalised over the past few days with acute gastroenteritis. 

The case involved 24 male residents, aged between 15-34 years of age, and two male staff members. Beginning on 20  February,  vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever symptoms started to appear. All victims were seen by a doctor, and one person needed to go to  Tseung Kwan O Hospital. He has since been discharged  after treatment. All patients are currently in stable condition.

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Centre for Health Protection staff have been to inspect the institution, and recommended the necessary precautions to the centre’s personnel, including appropriate and proper disinfection, proper disposal of vomit, as well as personal hygiene. They will keep the centre under medical surveillance.

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