Working ‘Hand in Hand’ with public, police chief says aggressive measures may have led to crime drop

Jacky Chan, acting Sai Kung police chief (right), talking to residents in town

The police, led by acting Sai Kung Commander Jacky Chan, have taken to the town streets to promote the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. The senior inspector said aggressive measures may be having a positive effect as the overall crime rate in Sai Kung has dropped.

Jacky has been on the streets leading the campaign himself. “We did leaflet distribution in Sai Kung town centre this afternoon with rural patrol officers and a K9 unit (he means four-legged officers). The objective is to promote the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme established in 2009. The aim is to recruit local residents as NWS ambassadors. They help promote crime prevention measures and distribute the Weekly Crime Alert. Also we give them some crime prevention measures (such as anti-burglar alarms).”

Jacky said, “We are working hand and hand with all members of the public and are pleased to see the overall crime rate in Sai Kung has dropped. There has been a 24 per cent drop in burglary cases compared to 2017. Also there have been no burglary reports since Christmas. Hopefully we can maintain the good work through Chinese new year.”

If your village does not have a Neighbourhood Watch ambassador you may approach Sai Kung police station and be registered as the local representative.

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