White-bellied sea eagle takes aim at rogue drone over Yeung Chau


Chinese language social media are reporting an incident between a  white-bellied sea eagle and a drone over the skies off Yeung Chau on New Year’s Day. According to the reports this is not an unusual occurrence as more and more people fly drones over Sai Kung’s many beauty spots.

Unfortunately drones are becoming a nuisance to the birds and there have been a number of injuries reported. especially damaging are the drone propeller blades cutting the birds’ feet. The photos from social media show the recent incident and highlight the problems.

The white-bellied sea eagle is a protected species and is also one of the largest birds of prey in Hong Kong where there are about 15-20 breeding pairs.

Director of the Ecological Education and Resource Centre Ken Cheng is quoted as saying that there are two possibilities for the bird’s actions; first, it is curious about the drone, or secondly the machine may have entered their airspace, as birds of prey will attack any intruder in self-defence.

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