Village Representative elections – first round results: Sai Kung – Hang Hau

rural station

Sai Kung: Hang Hau Rural Committee

Rural Representative:

Pan Long Wan
1) Lau, Wan Ming (110; elected)
2) Zimmerman, Paulus Johannes (Paul Zimmerman) (12)

Po Toi O
1) Cheung, Kin Shing (23)
2) Po, Sui (26; elected)

Sheung Sze Wan
1) Lam, Mo Chu Emthannie (31; elected)
2) Lam, Kan (22)

Tai Po Tsai
1) Wan, Ka Yin (96)
2) Wan, Siu Ming Martin (101; elected)

Indigenous Inhabitant Representative:

Ha Yeung 
1) Lau, Ka Chi  (30)
2) Lau, Yuk Ping (112; elected)

Po Toi O 
1) Leung, Lin Sang  (178)
2) Cheung, Kam Chuen (198; elected)

Tai Po Tsai 
1) Wan, Pak Fung  (99)
2) Wan, Yuk Sang   (153; elected)
3) Wan, Wai Chuen    (69)
4) Wan, Chiu Man  (148; elected)

The next round of voting is on Sunday 13 January 2019 for villages in Sai Kung North and Sai Kung Rural Committees.


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