Three Nepalese illegal immigrants picked up at Sai Wan

The three suspected IIs                         Photo: HKPolice

Three Nepalese have been arrested by Sai Kung police aided by Kowloon East Emergency Unit. The young men, all in their late 20s, were reported to have landed at Sai Wan by boat. All are Nepalese passport holders whose documents show they left Nepal on 27 December and entered Guangzhou on 28 December.

sai wan beach
Sai Wan beach                     Photo: Wikipedia

Their arrest yesterday followed a 999 call by a Sai Wan store owner who spotted the illegal immigrants landing nearby,  according to Sai Kung Police Senior Inspector Jacky Chan. The store owner reported at about 7:00 pm that he had seen the Nepalese arrive by boat. The police set up an ambush and alerted their marine colleagues to watch for fast-moving craft at sea.

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