Saigon Pho: Restaurants catering for hordes of noodle fans and the occasional celebrity

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The restaurant name we liked most in Hong Kong last century was “Boil and Boil Wonderful”. That’s precisely what they do at the two local Vietnamese noodle houses branded SAIGON PHO. Co-owner Joe Chan describes their signature dish, SPECIALITY PHO: “We spend lots of time making the broth. Brisket beef on the bone is boiled for 10 to 12 hours. Then we add 12 herbs and spices, like lemon grass, star anise and cinnamon. When the broth is done we put in US beef, onions, ginger, carrots, basil and peppers.” Joe said this is Saigon Pho’s most popular dish, selling for just $68.

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The star-studded opening of the latest shop

pho logoThe Chan family has been in Sai Kung for a long time and see Sai Kung as a part of their history. “We always wanted to bring something good to Hong Kong,” Joe said, “So we gave them Canadian Pho.” Now the men of the family, Dad Wilson and Brothers David, Terrence and Joe, run the two Saigon Phos plus other retail businesses.

The Chans are aware that Sai Kung people do not expect to pay downtown prices. “Our food is purposely priced for Sai Kung.” You can get a good feed at the Saigon Phos — located at Shop 16, 42 Fuk Man Road and Shop 2, King Man St — for $40 to $90.

Check out Saigon Pho on the internet and you find many compliments. TripAdviser: “The taste buds were very pleased.” Sassy HK: “Who doesn’t love a big steaming bowl of fresh pho? This place knows how to do it right.” Local resident Catherine Chung: “My favourite. By far the best Vietnamese food in Sai Kung.”

Joe said along with SPECIALITY PHO their signature dishes include BANH MI, Vietnamese for sandwich, at $68 and SHRIMP and CHICKEN SALAD at $60. Banh Mi is made on a French baguette stuffed with marinated pork and beef, Vietnamese sausage with mayonnaise, pickled carrots, radish, cucumber, chili and fresh cilantro. Saigon Pho is flexible; you many choose your favourite ingredients.

A sweet and sour dish, Shrimp & Chicken Salad comes with fresh local shrimps and slices of chicken plus cabbage, pickles, carrot, peanuts and peanuts. Joe said Saigon Pho’s coffee is unusual, rarely found in Hong Kong. It is imported Vietnamese Legendee coffee ($38). Food deliveries to your door can be arranged through Foodpanda. If you want takeaway food, bring your own dish, Joe requests, to cut down plastic use.

Go to eat at Saigon Pho often enough you have half a chance of seeing film star Chow Yun Fat, who enjoys hiking the Sai Kung ranges with friends. A pack of them led by the star show up at the Pho four or five times a year, Joe said.

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