Road diversions at Ho Chung to take effect from 21 January

hirams ho chung
The roadworks at Luk Mei Tsuen           Photo: HyD

There will be major changes to the road access to and from Ho Chung and Hiram’s Highway starting on Monday 21 January 2019.   These will be in operation until 31 August 2020:

(A)   Temporary Road Closure

The following road sections will be temporarily closed for all  vehicular traffic:

(i)  A section of Ho Chung Road from its junction with Hiram’s Highway to a point about 85 metres west of the same junction; and

(ii)  A section of Luk Mei Tsuen Road from its junction with Hiram’s Highway to point about 150 metres west of the same junction.

Ho Chung Area - sign(B)   Opening of Temporary Roads

The following temporary roads will be opened for vehicular traffic:

(i)  A slip road re-connecting Luk Mei Tsuen Road and a point on Hiram’s Highway about 100 metres north of the original Luk Mei Tsuen Road/Hiram’s Highway junction; and

(ii)  A slip road connecting Luk Mei Tsuen Road near House No. 108 and a point on Ho Chung Road about 290 metres west of the original Ho Chung Road/Hiram’s Highway junction.

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What it will all look like when it’s finished               Photo: HyD

(C)   Temporary Traffic and Public Transport Diversion

All vehicles on Hiram’s Highway heading to and travelling from Ho Chung Road, including New Territories GMB Route 2  will be required to be diverted via the temporary roads as mentioned in (B)(i) and (ii) above and Luk Mei Tsuen Road.

Appropriate traffic signs will be provided on site to guide motorists. Public transport operators will display notices to advise passengers of the above arrangements.

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