Glass recycling in Sai Kung area

Sai Kung Village Collection Points-1
Pak Shek Toi Refuse Collection Point

Carol Biddell, from Friends of Sai Kung, has kindly supplied BUZZ with detailed locations of many of the public glass recycling bins in the Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay area. Some villages not on the map also have such recycling bins, for example, Nam Wai, Pak Kong and Hoi Ha.

glass map
Map of location of recycled glass collection points Map: Google

Please note that any recycled glass container must be clean. Refuse Collection Points (RCPs) with glass recycling bins are located at the following places:

glass 1
1. Pak Shek Toi RCP, Pak Shek Toi Road near Chung Yin Lane, Clearwater Bay
glass 2
2. Pik Uk Village RCP, Pik Uk Tsuen Road near Lower Village Public Toilet,  Clearwater Bay
glass 3
3. Ta Ku Ling San Tsuen RCP, Ta Ku Ling San Tsuen, Clearwater Bay
glass 4
4. Pik Shui Sun Tsuen RCP, Pik Shui Sun Tsuen near Public Toilet, Clearwater Bay
glass 5
5. Tai Po Tsai RCP, Tai Po Tsai Village, Clear Water Bay Road, Clearwater Bay
glass 6
6. Luk Mei Tsuen RCP, Luk Mei Tsuen, Luk Mei Tsuen Road, Sai Kung
glass 7
7. Kau Sai San Tsuen RCP, Kau Sai San Tsuen, at junction of Kau Tsuen Road and Hiram’s Highway, Sai Kung
glass 8
8. Mang Kung Lower Village RCP, Mang Kung Uk Road, Clearwater Bay
glass 9
9. Mang Kung Upper Village RCP, Clear Water Bay Road near Wai Sum Village, Clearwater Bay
glass 10
10. Tso Wo Hang Village RCP, Tso Wo Hang Village near Police Recreation Centre, Tai Mong Tsai Road, Sai Kung

11. Mang Sau Sun Tsuen Refuse Collection Point
12. Tui Min Hoi Refuse Collection Point
13. Hong Kin Road Roundabout Refuse Collection Point
14. Sheung Sze Wan Refuse Collection Point
15. Wo Mei Village Refuse Collection Point
16. Po Lo Che Refuse Collection Point
17. Mang Kung Wo Road (Habitat) Refuse Collection Point

Carol also says that Friends of Sai Kung have worked with Hong Kong Glass Reborn and now Baguio to bring glass recycle bins to Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay. They are now working hard on fly tipping; FEHD are helping with prevention and they are pushing EPD for more cameras to enforce the law with prosecutions.

The regular monthly Recycle Day Sai Kung will take place between 10;30 am to 12:30 pm on Saturday 2 February. Recyclable plastic, glass and other items can be left at the location between Takka Fusion and Sai Kung Market in Man Yee Square.

For more information contact Carol contact

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