Elderly lady knocked down by truck in centre of town – updated

truck lady
The scene of the accident                          Photo: Ming Pao/Online

An elderly lady crossing the road near the Sai Kung wet market was knocked down by a truck just after 10:00 am this morning. The accident happened at the junction of Nin Chun St and Yi Chun St. The truck was turning right.

The woman was seen lying unconscious on the ground surrounded by large pool of blood. She was still unconscious when the ambulance arrived to take her to hospital. Police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Update: The 23-year-old lorry driver was arrested after the accident on suspicion of dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm and was released on bail. He has to report back to the  police in late February. Sources at the scene pointed out that the police cannot find traces of the collision in front of the truck, and after a preliminary investigation, suspect victim was hit by the rear-view mirror or cargo truck handle. Police later towed the truck away truck inspection.

The area is a notorious black-spot with cars illegally parked along the road and trucks travelling fast close to the narrow pavements. One shop owner nearby said they quite often have to assist people injured in the area.

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