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scene and heard

I don’t know – you go away for a few weeks and when you return it’s all change on the retail merry-go-round in Sai Kung. So here’s an extended Scene and Heard.

The Veggie Shop – part 2

The new shop on Yi Chun Street

The last issue of Scene and Heard reported that the grocery shop on the corner of Chan Man Street near the Town Hall was closing down. Well, it’s still there – just. However the new shop in is now open next to the market on Yi Chun Street. The old shop is up for rent – what’s the betting on another estate agents?

The old shop moving out

Pet’s paradise: Yi Chun Street gets another vet

The new vets in Yi Chun Street

A new veterinary clinic has opened in Yi Chun Street. Petcore is next to SF Express at No. 66, just along the street from Pet Central. Originally based in Yuen Long, the Sai Kung clinic opened a couple of weeks ago. We wish them well.

Will they or won’t they close down?

Will it ever close?

The reject/sample cheap clothes shop on Yi Chun Street seems to be following in the footsteps of some of the shops in Oxford Street, London. They seem to be having a continuous closing down sale. Will they ever close?

Do we have a mini-Harrods?

A mini-Harrods?

Yi Chun Street really is doing the town proud. In between the new vets and the forever open closing down shop is a new pop up well worth visiting. It’s a sort of mini-Harrods, and a lot cheaper. Check it out.

A pet laundromat?

Pet washing machines?

Seen along See Cheung Street is a new laundromat. This one claims its washers and driers are pet friendly. What does that mean? Do you just chuck Kitty or Fido into the machines with some detergent to get them clean?

New Korean clothing shop

What’s not to like…?

Spotted a new shop on my perambulation along See Cheung Street. A new Korean clothing store; looks very nice with designs at reasonable prices. Pop in and take a look.

Tala’s loses a neighbour

Maven’s moved out

The shop beneath Tala’s parlour has gone. One clothes shop open in See Cheung Street and another closes. Looks like the Maven’s moved.

One of my favourite cafes

Strange dog paintings appeared on the walls of My Sunshine House

Had a late breakfast at one of my favourite cafes along See Cheung Street. My Sunshine House always does good quality, value for money food, especially breakfast. The staff are friendly, the decor pleasant, and now they have strange dog paintings on the walls.

Recovering from Super-typhoon Mangkhut

Finally we are getting replacement trees for those blown down during Super-typhoon Mangkhut. Glad to see that one of the first places to get new ones is Man Yee Square – the heart of town. Now let’s see how long it takes to replace the hundreds, if not thousands, of others in more obscure places. Kudos to the council and other departments, anyway, for getting started on this.

Interesting food store moves

陳䧍 Supermarket, the very Chinese food and drink store next to the  SPCA Centre on Man Yin Street has moved to a new address at G/F, 9A Po Tung Road, Sai Kung (next to Honeymoon Dessert). If you do any Asian cooking then this is the place to come to for hard to find ingredients and sauces. And their shrimp paste beats anything in Fusion/ParknShop or Wellcome. They also sell crates of beer at wholesale prices…..

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