$1 million in smuggled goods seized in Long Harbour

long harbour smugglers
The seized electronic parts and medicines, worth about HK$1 million. Photo: HK Police

This morning around 1:30 am Marine Police patrols spotted two suspicious boats in Long Harbour, Sai Kung having come from the direction of the mainland.

The Small Boat Division gave chase and successfully intercepted one of the boats close to Ko Lau Wan. They seized 22 boxes of smuggled goods, including medicines (regulated dried sea horses), tablet computers, laptops, projectors, cameras, watches and telephone parts.

The 51-year-old boatman was arrested being suspected of “attempting to export unmanifested cargo”, “attempting to export controlled (Appendix II) species,” “endanger maritime safety” and “did not follow the instructions stop won authorized personnel under “arrested.

The seized smuggled goods were worth about $ 1 million. The arrested man is being detained for investigation. The case will be handed over to Customs and Excise Department.

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