Second Sai Kung Buzz Concert for the Animals raises $41,900

A total of $41,900 was raised for five dog and cat charities by the Second Sai Kung Buzz Concert for the Animals on 30 November. The event, created by SAI KUNG BUZZ in 2017, was kindly hosted this year by the TIKITIKI BOWLING BAR. The appealing concept and an entertainment line-up topping anything seen in town before attracted somewhere between 300 and 350 people.

Each charity will receive $8380, thanks to the crowds who rolled up. They are Debbie Chow’s Home Dog Home, Emily Allington’s Hong Kong Cats, Catherine Lumsden’s Catherine’s Puppies, Narelle Pamuk’s Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation and Sai Kung Lost Found Injured Animals, founded by Carol Biddell and volunteers. All of these charities rescue and adopt out animals and provide veterinary care for any in need. Two of them also run shelters.

“The attendance at the Concert this year was double that of the first,” a spokesman for the organising committee said, “and we nearly doubled the money raised. That’s progress. We will build on the success of the latest Concert next year and learn from experience.” The spokesman said the Tikitiki Bowling Bar generously turned on a full buffet plus two drinks plus in-house musicians and entertainers for just 40 per cent of ticket sales. Adult tickets were $250 and kids $100.   Just under $10,000 was also raised by a raffle, overloaded with donated gifts.

Many people contributed to the Concert’s success: Jim Lewis, head of Year 10 at Shatin College organised three out-of-house (non-Tikitiki) bands; Robin Bradbeer of Sai Kung Buzz was involved in just about every aspect of the organisation; the charity heads put their shoulders behind ticket sales and sourcing raffle prizes; the Tikitiki Bowling Bar’s owners ensured the event’s overall attraction reached a new level for Sai Kung and allowed their in-house band, dancing troupe, magician, juggler and clown to perform.

At 10:45 pm one well-lubricated guest, arms around her jiving companions, all of them dancing to Jimmy2Times, said: “It doesn’t get better than this.”

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