Just 17 villages have contested Rural Representative elections

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Just 17 of the 113 designated villages in the Sai Kung and Sai Kung North Rural Committee areas have contested elections for the Rural Representative, to be held on 6 and 13 January 2019 respectively.

BUZZ has contacted Sai Kung and Tai Po District Offices to obtain the contact details of the candidates, but of the 35 nominated only two have agreed to allow their details to be released to the media.

BUZZ had wanted to send all candidates a simple questionnaire asking for their reasons for standing, and what they wish to see done for their villages. As we cannot do that, we will just publish the list of candidates for each contested village. If any of these wish to contact us we will endeavour to let voters know your thoughts – but, to be neutral we will try and allow any opponents to also comment at the same time.

Sai Kung Rural Committee:

Pan Long Wan:  Paulus Johannes Zimmerman, Lau Wan Ming
Po Toi O: Po Sui,  Cheung Kin Shing
Sheung Sze Wan: Lam Mo Chu Emthannie,  Lam Kan
Tai Po Tsai:  Wan Ka Yin, Wan Siu Ming Martin
Kau Sai San Tsuen:  Cheung Hung Kwan, Leung Siu Mui
Long Keng: Wong Shin Yee Sylvia, Bouvresse Herve Henri, Wong Wai Chung
Nam Wai:  Sing Yuk Man, Hiew Chin
Pak Kong: Li Lap Kuen, Ho Kit Yee Carol
Pik Uk:  Law Kam Bor, Shing Wai Kin
Sha Kok Mei:  Wai Shuk Yin Daisy, Chu Kwok Kuen
Tai Lam Wu:  Kung Sui Wing,  Wong Yuen Sum
Tai Wan:  Wong Yan Wai (Wong Ting), Wong Chit Hei Jacky
Wo Mei: Pang Chi Keung,  Tse Tam Yau, Francis

Sai Kung North Rural Committee

Hoi Ha: Newbery David Edward, Yung Tin Sang
Ko Tong:  Ho Chun Kwok, Ho Benjamin Fay Hong
Tap Mun Fishermen Village:  To Fong Kau, Cheung Wai Shan
Tin Liu: Lau Sai Chung, Lau Yick Fu

The following villages have no-one nominated, and the posts remain vacant:

Sai Kung Rural Committee:

Lung Mei, Ma Nam Wat, Nam A, Ngong Wo, Pak A, Pak Tam, Pak Tam Chung, Ping Tun, She Tau, Tai Long, Tai She Wan, Tai Street (West), Tit Kim Hang, Tung A, Uk Cheung, Wo Liu, Wong Keng Tsai, Wong Yi Chau, Yim Tin Tsai.
Sai Kung North Rural Committee:
Chek Keng,  Cheung Sheung, Ha Yeung, Lai Chi Chong, Nam Shan, Tung, Ngong Ping, Pak Sha O, Pak Tam Au, Ping Chau Chau Mei, Ping Chau Chau Tau, Ping Nai Tau, Ping Chau Sha Tau, Ping Chau Tai Tong, Sham Chung, Tai Tan, Tan Ka Wan, To Kwa Peng, Tung Sam Kei, Uk Tau, Wong Chuk Yeung.
All other villages have only one nomination and that candidate is elected.

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