Child acting as Mary on live pony, kids all in white with lanterns, procession wending through town – join in on 16 December

Is this the most charming event in Sai Kung? Certainly it deserves to be front-running. Next Sunday December 16 an unusual spectacle will occur in the town centre. Patrons outside bars and restaurants will gape. When they realise what they are looking at they will cheer, as they do every year. A pony will be walking through town with a child acting as Mary on its back, Joseph alongside and the Angel Gabriel hovering behind. Little children, all in white, with halos and lanterns will be following too.

It will be the Christmas Nativity Procession staged by Sacred Heart Church. Starting from 7:00 pm at the Church the procession will wend its way serenely across the main road, past the Tin Hau Temple through Man Yee Square to the delight of spectators, around our magnificent Banyan tree, out to the waterfront, back along Man Nin Street, across Man Yee Square again through the cheers, and back to the Sacred Heart Church. There there will be a Live Crib representing the baby Jesus, carol singing and Christmas refreshments outside the Church. Everyone is welcome, the organiser, Ampleforth Centre for Theology and Spirituality, says.

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