An open letter to Resurrection Church

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The installation of Chris Ponniah


It is with deep regret and utter dismay that we, members of the laity and frequent worshipers at Resurrection Church, receive the news that the Reverend Chris Ponniah has resigned as Pastor of Resurrection Church.

During the past few years that Pastor Chris was minister of the Church in Pak Sha Wan, Sai Kung, he had turned Resurrection Church into an open-door community centre where churchgoers of all races could come together to worship the Lord and share in his Divine Wisdom and blessings.

He endeared himself to the community, especially the scores of foreign domestic workers and other migrants from poor countries who flocked to the Church on their free day. Pastor Chris took the ministry to a higher level by inviting NGOs to teach the migrants about their rights and responsibilities and skills in managing their hard-earned money so that they won’t go home destitute.

Pastor Chris’ departure will be a great loss to the marginalised foreign helpers and other migrants who consider him their big brother and a true man of God. We have learned that leaving was not his own decision, but imposed by his superiors precipitately.

We churchgoers urge the leaders of St Andrew’s Church who oversee Resurrection Church to reconsider their decision to send Pastor Chris away. His pastoral work is needed more in Resurrection Church than elsewhere.

Alexise Tsui and seven others

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