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The Veggie Shop

Fun and games at the vegetable and fruit shop on the corner of Chan Man Rd opposite the entrance to the town hall. Notice of it’s removal to Yi Chun St, at the end of the row closest to Sai Kung Market appear, shutters go down for a few days, then they go up again, then it gets splashed with white paint, and closes again. A typical Mong Kok scene but not so usual in our town.

The Noodle Shop

The noodle shop opposite McDonalds also seems to be having some problems. It suddenly closed, then work started on refurbishing, then a notice that they were having manpower problems and to Whatsapp to find where they were moving to. FEHD clamping down on food hygiene maybe? Again, who knows?

The German products shop

Two places close (or move) and one opens. Allure opened yesterday (Thursday) near the opticians in Chan Man St. They will specialise in German food and groceries. I suppose the wurst that can happen is they last as long as most others in that similar area. Check them out and give them a chance.

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