Milky, well-known dog-about-town with campaigning Mum, passes away

milky skb
Carol Ho’s mate Milky, recycling mascot and dog activist

One of Sai Kung’s most well-known dogs has passed away. Milky was Carol Ho’s constant companion. A snow-white miniature poodle, she was seen with Carol when she stood on street corners with a microphone warning residents of the monster developments coming to ruin the neighborhood. Milky was in Carol’s arms or at her side when Carol campaigned in Man Yee Square with her namesake (surnamed Biddell) for greater awareness of the value of recycling. She became Sai Kung’s recycling mascot. When Carol warned journalists about illegal housing projects, Milky was there. When Carol took this correspondent hiking up the historic boulder path from Po Lo Che to see the renovated temple, Milky trotted along beside them.

carol no milky
Carol at a meeting with senior officials from the Environment Bureau and the AFCD. The only time we have seen her without Milky

Catherine Lumsden has the words to describe Milky: Warning — EXTREME CUTENESS! All Carol’s friends know she is devastated by the loss of her bosom companion. They advise her to remember the happy times with Milky and get another dog soon.

Rest in peace, Milky.

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