Landowner of Shaw Studio in Sai Kung convicted for failure to comply with requirement to carry out sewer connection work for discharging sewage into public sewers


The landowner of Shaw Studio in Sai Kung, Clear Water Bay Land Company Limited, failed to carry out sewer connection works for discharging sewage from its two sites into public sewers in accordance with the law and was convicted by Kwun Tong Magistrates’ Courts yesterday (8 November) for contravening the Water Pollution Control Ordinance (WPCO). The landowner was fined $30,000 plus a total daily fine of $33,100, which sum up to a grand total of $63,100.

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) issued statutory notices to the registered owner of the above-mentioned sites in accordance with the Water Pollution Control (Sewerage) Regulation in April last year, requiring the landowner to carry out all necessary sewer connection works for discharging the sewage from the two sites into public sewers before April this year. The landowner did not commence the works by the specified deadline. After investigation and evidence gathering, the EPD prosecuted the landowner in accordance with the Water Pollution Control (Sewerage) Regulation. As the above violation continues, the EPD has made an application to the court for imposing an additional daily fine. The Shaw Studio in Sai Kung is currently arranging the tender exercise for sewer connection works and they must complete the works as soon as possible.

A spokesman for the EPD said that the Government is gradually expanding the sewerage network to collect sewage from rural areas to government sewage treatment facilities for proper treatment and discharge. It serves to reduce the use of septic tank systems to treat sewage in rural areas and the adverse impact on the inland rivers and inshore waters, so as to improve the water quality. The spokesman reminded property owners or landowners in rural areas that after receiving the statutory notice on sewer connection, they must comply with the specified requirements and complete the connection works within the specified date.

The Shaw Studio site is currently awaiting revised planning permission for conversion to commercial and residential purposes, providing 749 low-density units and 183 hotel rooms. The sewage works are believed to be part of the site preparation.

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