Dead cat found with wire round its neck in Tai Chung Hau

dead cat
SPCA inspectors examine the cat   Photo: 魯嘉裕/HK01

Yesterday afternoon, 6 November around 2:00 pm, a dog out for a walk around a container yard in Tai Chung Hau, Sai Kung, with its owner, started playing with a plastic bag. The owner came to look and found a dead cat with a wire tightly wrapped around its neck with the head covered with the bag.

Home Dog Home Chairlady Debbie Chow was nearby and she reported it to the police. Debbie said she thought it was an unusual event. Police arrived at the scene and classified the incident as involving cruelty to animals, and then informed the SPCA.

They inspected the animal and said it was an adult female domestic shorthair cat. The body was still warm and they estimated it had just recently been killed. It was also clear that the cat had been badly beaten before being killed.

Debbie pointed out that the area was notorious a decade ago for dog poisoning cases, but since then many volunteers catch stray animals in the area and the number of animal cruelty cases in recent years has dropped; this incident was the first in recent years she had seen.

Police are investigating.

(Translated from HK01 News)

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