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Yaadgar – nice Indian food

Passed this place many times, but never felt like trying it out. What a mistake. Small but good. The chicken biryani lunch set was just as it should be – actually more than enough for one person. And like most of the small places in town, they also use Foodpanda for a price. Well worth checking out. 24 See Cheung Sreet.

Whither Anthony?


So many rumours…….renovations, rent problems, landlord acting up……………no-one seems to know. Anthony’s Ranch, one of Buzz staff’s favourite places, keeps us all guessing. Any news – let us know.

Trouble on the No. 94 bus

kmb 94
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Residents along Tai Mong Tsai Road and Pak Tam Road, who rely on the No. 94 KMB bus to get to and from work and school are still struggling to get to terms with the new timetable introduced at the beginning of the month. Moving from a 30 minute interval to 40 minutes on weekdays has thrown many well-oiled plans out the window, meaning that some journeys are now taking 20 – 30 minutes longer than previously. This seems to have caught people by surprise, as there was little discussion in the media before the announcement, and most passengers did not have any idea of the changes, or that they were even being considered.

The later bus at 9:50 pm is useful, especially as the No. 7 minibus to Hoi Ha finishes at 6:25 pm, and the No 9 minibus to Lady Maclehose at 9:30 pm, but only up to the Maclehose turnoff on Pak Tam Road. We shall be following up with Sai Kung District Council and the Transport Department on why this decision was made with so little consultation. However, the lack of joined up transport planning is now clear, with, at certain times of the day, the 7, 9 and 94 all coming along within 5 minutes of each other through Pak Tam Chung on their way to Sai Kung, leaving a 30 minute wait for the next bus.

Welcome, Bakso

A warm welcome to Sai Kung, Bakso. The Indonesian restaurant and store opened over the weekend. The food looks yummy and decently priced. A good addition to Man Yee Square if slightly to the side. G/fl, 9 Wan King Path, where Bumps to Babes used to be.

Noble Living on the move, again?

Noble Living has been around Sai Kung for some time; it moved to new premises next to Winerack nearly two years ago, after being in the little corner shop on the alley between King Man Street and Fuk Man Street for a number of years. Now, rumour has it, that it may be on the move again – another victim of high rents. As one of the most useful shops in town for cooking lovers we will follow its peregrinations with interest.

Want to own a bakery shop?

So, Baking Papa is up for sale. If you’ve got $250,000 give them a call. This gives you a bakery, bakery supply shop and cooking class workshop. No idea what the rent is though………………..

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