Wild boar attack in Che Ha Village; man taken to hospital


According to online Chinese language media, last night (7 October), around 10:00 pm, a group of four wild boars were rummaging though the garbage station alongside Sai Sha Road in Che Ha Village. A 38 year-old man, throwing away his rubbish, frightened one of the boars, which rushed to the man and bit his leg. His girlfriend drove him to Tai Po Nethersole Hospital for treatment.

AFCD staff looking for the wild boars Photo: 吳建明

After receiving the report, police officers went to the accident scene to investigate, and seeing the boars were still in the vicinity, immediately notified the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, but when they arrived, the boars had left.

Some villagers told the reporter that in recent years it has become more common to see wild boars in village and around the garbage station. A number of villagers had been chased by the boars recently, causing villagers to give them a wide berth.


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