Volunteers wanted to give companionship to Shelter’s dogs

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The founder of Catherine’s Puppies has called for volunteers to give companionship to her dogs of “all sizes, shapes and ages.” Catherine Lumsden said if you spend an hour with a dog “you can make a real difference to their day”. They need exercise, too, and Catherine’s shelter is in a quiet leafy area with little traffic where you can walk dogs in peace.

If you make a dog happy you will make yourself happy. Just ask Rene Zuercher. He is a volunteer at Catherine’s Puppies where he walks Buddy, an enormous dog bigger than many humans. Rene and Buddy have become inseparable mates, often seen together around town.

Catherine also seeks volunteers who will help with events and invites aspiring photographers to use her animals as models. She issues a warning: CAUTION! Extreme Cuteness!

You can contact Catherine by WhatsApp 6799 7530. The shelter, high in the hills above Ho Chung, is open from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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