Sai Kung Stray Friends plan to celebrate Halloween with stuffed toys – and take your loose change

The pile of stuffed toys available on 27 and 28 October

Sai Kung Stray Friends Foundation have recently had a surge of medical bills and to help alleviate this burden they have taken to the streets of Sai Kung  to sell quality soft toys which will make excellent Christmas presents for loved ones here and overseas.

One of those upcoming events will take place in Chan Man Street outside Starbucks this weekend, 27 and 28 October.  There will be a chance to meet with Narelle (Founder) and Linda (Dedicated Volunteer) to discuss adoption, fostering, wanting to be an event or kennel volunteer, or any idea you have to help in anyway.

Last weekend, (20 and 21) a similar event proved a great success, and the soft toys certainly made adults and children extremely happy. Young brother and sister getting a swinging monkey and a little pig, two teenagers from Hong Kong Academy with their llama’s, two sisters with three funny creatures, an Australian who bought a leopard and a tiger for her young sons, a South African who bought a sheep that looked like “lambsee” for her daughter  in South Africa, a gentlemen with a rabbit and a couple with their dog showing their support.

There were so many different toys available that it looked like “Noah’s Ark” and with a variety of price ranges to suit everyone’s pocket with supporter Isabella broadcasting the news. (They also had some Halloween goodies available).

If you or your kids are Trick or Treating this Halloween why not take a bucket with you and ask people to throw in their loose coins? Sai Kung Stray Friends are asking for unwanted coins and don’t worry however small your collection is as it will all mount up when combined together. So children, why not create your own Halloween bucket to ask for coins instead of candies this festive season and drop the coins off at the kennel or one of their future events?


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